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Camp Stories

Victoria accepting Jesus as her Lord, Michelle getting Baptized, Jumping off cliff into Blue Hole, Steel City Pops, Karla and all her sweet and faithful help and gifts, a 12 year old girl who came oppressed jump into Blue Hole got baptized, Wanted posters, praying over and with Lisa and countless others, hiking to antennae for breakfast prayer time, huddle groups making headway with information that saves peoples health and lives, seeing the beauty in the message, the surroundings, watching the Holly’s at work, trying to keep up with the ever changing and challenging Kathy as she encouraged us all to GET MOVING, Ring the bell, receiving prayer as a river poured out over me, allowing silliness and serious in the skits, Katie’s voice leading worship for the first time in the canyon as it echoed on the walls as we joined in with song made me cry in Thanksgiving, so much great information to take home, Handmade market, the rain storms, laying out glow in the dark connect bracelets to light the way for late campers, campfires and Esthers Banquet with one long table by the river, the debacles in the kitchen nobody every knew about, the first 15 or so women who first came to Wanted Campference, Ashley Cleveland freezing her fingers off playing guitar next to the outdoor fireplace, Susan Ashton swallowing a bug during her concert and Sarah Harmeyer bringing her message of Neighbors Table as my shots in the dark, my incredibly faithful sponsors Go Imprints, Mrs. Barrs, and Branch Basics who always gave me discounts, how Paige and I slept through our alarm where Katie came to check on us waking us by singing Bright Morning Star, I remember the women’s groups that came that encouraged me to keep going who told me that Wanted Campference is unlike other women’s retreats. I am blessed by that encouragement. I am blessed by camp.

I think it is because of the camp experience. I know it’s because of God.

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