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 The Wanted Campference women’s retreat was born out of a love for going to summer camp and the need to know we are all “wanted by God.


How did Wanted Campference start?
Over 20 years ago God put on my heart and the hearts of others to begin a work.  An incredible work in our lives.  Preparing us for much bigger camping experiences than we could have imagined or dreamed up ourselves.  He wanted us to camp out with Him, in Him, through Him and alongside Him.  Processing all aspects of the idea…..We are all wanted by God. Amen.  Not only for his purposes and plans, but just the simplicity and fact He wanted me from the beginning.  The beginning of time, my time, our time, and His timing.
I grew up going to camp forming lifelong friendships I still enjoy today.  Back then we learned to struggle together, work together, compete together, laugh, cry, pray and learn new things……TOGETHER!  The point is we did camp and now Wanted Campference, together as friends and together with God.  We as a team are excited you are here, exploring the idea of retreating in God with other women, hearing testimony and watching hearts unfold.  Encouraging words meet one another in Faith that is Jesus Christ. 
I hope to retreat with you there. 
Have you signed up yet?

Faithfully His,

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